Sand Tray Training Institute of New Mexico

Address: P.O. Box 800 Corrales, NM 87408-008

Telephone: (505) 720-1177

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Welcome to the Sand Tray Training Certification Program

The Sand Tray Training Institute of New Mexico offers an in-depth training program for sand tray therapy. Clinicians, at their own pace, may earn up to 156 contact hours of core workshop courses in addition to numerous topic courses. The small size of our intensive workshops allows for hands-on experiential exercises and in-depth discussions related to each activity. In all our trainings, large or small, there is constant attention to how sandplay collaborates with the brain’s intrinsic push toward integration. Our home base is in Corrales, New Mexico, but we also offer custom seminars in addition to conference-style training internationally.

Check our website for continuous schedule updates.