About Our Workshops

Core Workshops: Introductory and Levels 1 - 10​

These workshops will help participants:

  • To develop skills for facilitating sand tray play therapy in clinical practice.
  • To create and maintain a sand tray play therapy clinical space.
  • To describe observational skills and elements of recording session notes for sand tray play therapy.
  • To describe the importance of the nonverbal aspect of sand tray play therapy for healing trauma.
  • To identify the three branches of the nervous system that are observable during the sand tray play therapy process.
  • To explain how play activities help to develop a flexible nervous system.
  • To name specific ways a facilitator may communicate a sense of safety during the sand tray play therapy process.
  • To identify the risks associated with interpretation in sand tray play therapy.
  • To apply current principles of Interpersonal Neurobiology to sand tray play therapy methodology.
  • To identify theoretical issues and standards of training for sand tray play therapy.  

NOTE: The goals listed above for the 10 levels that represent our overall CORE training program. In addition to these core program goals, each specific workshop has its own unique set of goals.

Topic Workshops

These workshops focus on specific topics in Sand Tray therapy that expand and enrich the skills of practitioners already trained in the Core foundations.

Individual Consultation Sessions​

Individual Sand Tray sessions are recommended prior to or concurrent with training workshops. Please inquire about special rates if you have completed or are registered for the Level I workshop. For more information, please email: sandtraynm@gmail.com


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