Level 2 – Symbolic Integration and Theory



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In this 2-day workshop, participants discuss and work with symbolic meaning and basic theoretical ideas related to healing trauma and other clinical issues with sand tray therapy. The purpose of the didactic information in conjunction with hands-on experiences is to demonstrate why it is important to help clients experience the sand tray materials in a way that allows them to collaborate with their embodied brains, not just their cognitive processes. A focus for this training is on trauma as it is embedded throughout the body rather than in the cognitive layers of the brain only. In Level 2, participants continue to build on the concepts of “play as a neural exercise” for developing a nervous system that is flexible and resilient. There will be opportunities to explore core issues in play therapy. Participants also will have opportunities to practice skills using symbolic language with a workshop partner.

Prerequisites: Level 1.

12 contact hours/2 days


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