This workshop is two days of personal and professional growth through exploration of sand, play and ceremony. Participants use simple art materials and sand tray play therapy to build bridges to the wisdom and guidance that is within. No previous knowledge or artistic skills are required.

Educational Goals

This training will help participants to:

  1. Describe the healing aspect of sand tray play therapy from a Native American perspective.
  2. Compare and contrast several Native American healing traditions with sand tray play therapy.
  3. Utilize awareness of Native American philosophy for working with Native American clients in the sand tray play therapy process.
  4. Apply concepts of sand tray play therapy to the ceremonial aspects of community building.
  5. Describe the sand tray play therapy process from a science-informed perspective.
  6. Describe the relationship of mindfulness and the witnessing role during sand tray play therapy.
  7. Explain how play helps to build a resilient nervous system during sand tray play therapy. 


In-person training does not have any equipment requirement. For online course equipment requirements, please refer to the linked document below:



Continuing Education

This course is 12 contact hours.


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