Sand & SoulCollage®


This workshop will provide a total of 12 contact hours of play therapy. It will also meet the requirements of a Level 1 SoulCollage® training sponsored by Jenise English. Participants will have opportunities to create collages using traditional SoulCollage® materials as a way of exploring how image processing helps to heal trauma, grief, and anxiety in play therapy. Participants will explore the potential for integrating sandtray therapy and SoulCollage® activities as another avenue for relational processing that supports the development of a flexible nervous system leading to a more joyful and fulfilled life.

Educational Goals

This training will help participants to:

  1. Create personal experiences with the SoulCollage® process through card-making.
  2. Demonstrate how the SoulCollage® process using the four suits in a SoulCollage® deck may be applied in play therapy.
  3. Utilize the materials and other resources of SoulCollage® for play therapy applications.
  4. Use the journaling process to deepen personal understanding of the SoulCollage® cards for play therapy.
  5. Discuss the value of SoulCollage® personally and in sand tray play therapy.
  6. Describe ways to use SoulCollage® with a variety of clinical issues, including depression, anxiety, and trauma.
  7. Plan ways for using the integration of sand tray play and SoulCollage® for self-care as a play therapist, especially in the context of a global pandemic.
  8. Discuss applications of collage processes for TeleHealth play therapy.


In-person training does not have any equipment requirement. For online course equipment requirements, please refer to the linked document below:


Graduate degree in mental health or enrolled in a graduate degree program. 

Continuing Education

This course is 12 contact hours.

Downloadable Agenda


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