Level 6 – Expressive Arts & Play Therapy Integration


The focus of this workshop is on the integration of various play modalities in therapeutic settings, including sandtray play, puppets, games, art, and storytelling play. Through didactic and experiential methods, therapists will have opportunities to learn how and when to use various modalities with both child and adult play. There is special emphasis on integrating the sandtray with play therapy and verbal therapy. In addition, participants will have opportunities to practice nervous system attunement during play therapy exercises.

Educational Goals

This training will help participants to:

  1. Identify facilitation skills for integrating sandtray play with other play therapy modalities.
  2. Utilize puppet play to enhance play therapy.
  3. Describe mosaic play as it relates to sandtray play therapy.
  4. Utilize sandtray miniatures to create a genogram.
  5. Explain how the use of clay (or masks) reinforces the image thinking that is also a core idea in sandtray play therapy.
  6. Describe play therapy benefits of using parallel play such as coloring and doodling.
  7. Explain how games may or may not enhance sandtray play therapy.
  8. Discuss directive versus nondirective methods for utilizing collage making in play therapy.
  9. Discuss how the polyvagal theory provides a science-informed perspective on using a variety of play therapy methods in conjunction with sandtray play therapy.
  10. Identify the role of Panksepp’s innate primary motivational circuits in sandtray play therapy.
  11. Explain how self-regulation is built on the platform of co-regulation during sandtray play therapy.
  12. Explain how play helps to build a resilient nervous system during sand trayplay therapy.
  13. Demonstrate skills in working online with supervisees and clients.


In-person training does not have any equipment requirement. For online course equipment requirements, please refer to the linked document below:


Levels 1 & 2; graduate degree in mental health or enrolled in a graduate degree program.

Continuing Education

This course is 24 contact hours.

Downloadable Agenda


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