Level 4 – Advanced Clinical Skills


Building on the previous three foundational levels, participants in this workshop continue to develop facilitation skills for sand tray play therapy. The training includes discussion of professional and ethical issues related to diagnosis, treatment planning, transference, and the clinical relationship. An amplification technique, countertransference and co-tranference are given particular focus in this level. Participants will have opportunities to refine and integrate therapeutic skills through hands-on practice with workshop partners. Each participant will have an individual sand tray for practice exercises and for creating individual sand tray words.

Educational Goals

This training will help participants to:

  1. Identify advanced skills for facilitating sand tray play therapy in clinical practice.
  2. Discuss issues related to countertransference and co-transference in sand tray play therapy.
  3. Apply skills in using the amplification technique in sand tray play therapy.
  4. Explain the concept of right brain-to-right brain processing in sand tray play therapy.
  5. Describe how modern theories of attachment manifest in sand tray play therapy.
  6. Assess witnessing skills of peers during sand tray play therapy practice.
  7. Explain how self-regulation is built on the platform of co-regulation during sand tray play therapy.
  8. Identify ethical concerns related to practicing sand tray play therapy.


In-person training does not have any equipment requirement. For online course equipment requirements, please refer to the linked document below:


Levels 1, 2, & 3; graduate degree in mental health or enrolled in a graduate degree program.

Continuing Education

This course is 12 contact hours.

Downloadable Agenda


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