Topic Workshops

Topic: Ethical Principles (6) and Cross-Cultural Issues (6) in Play Therapy: Stories of Trust, Love, and Betrayal

In this 2-day workshop, participants will explore how storytelling may be used to guide our ethical decision making and to deepen our understanding of cross-cultural issues in sand tray play therapy. Therapists will have the opportunity to draw from their own story repertoires as well as a number of classic stories that serve metaphorically to guide decision making when confronted with ethical dilemmas. Going deeper than a review of the rules, participants will focus on the personal values that govern ethical decision making. When using storytelling play, how does one honor the safety that play offers to both children and adults without betraying the trust understood implicitly in these activities? There will be a focus on how storytelling is used across cultures for the purposes of healing and integration that are central to mental health.

Presenter: Theresa Kestly, Ph.D.  Prerequisites: None (12 contact hours).  Fees: $285 to $325 

Topic: Supervisor Training (6) & Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) of Play (6)

This 2-day workshop will provide a total of 12 contact hours (6 contact hours of Supervisor Training for play therapists, and 6 contact hours of the Interpersonal Neurobiology of Play). Participants will use play modalities drawing from the traditions of sand tray play therapy and Lego Serious Play (LSP) to address both of these topics. What is LSP? It is an innovative method, primarily used with adults, to enhance creative thinking and problem solving through building with Lego bricks and telling metaphorical stories. LSP has been used successfully in business settings, engineering, architecture, education, family therapy, and other mentoring contexts. This workshop explores an adaptation of the established LSP process for the purposes of supervisor training for play therapists. Theresa Kestly is a trained Lego Serious Play facilitator. 

Presenter:  Theresa Kestly, PhD.  Prerequisites: None (12 contact hours).  Fees: $285 to $325

Topic: Sand and SoulCollage​

This workshop will provide a total of 12 contact hours of play therapy. It will also meet the requirements of a Level 1 SoulCollage® training sponsored by Jenise English. Participants will have opportunities to create collages using traditional SoulCollage® materials as a way of exploring how image processing helps to heal trauma, grief, and anxiety in play therapy. Participants will explore the potential for integrating sand tray therapy and SoulCollage® activities as another avenue for relational processing that supports the development of a flexible nervous system leading to a more joyful and fulfilled life.

Topic: Sand & Spirit, Cross-Cultural Considerations

This workshop is two days of personal and professional growth through exploration of sand, play and ceremony. Participants use simple art materials and sand tray play therapy to build bridges to the wisdom and guidance that is within. No previous knowledge or artistic skills are required.

Co-Presenters:  Wendy Thunderchief, MA and Theresa Kestly, PhD.  Prerequisites: None (12 contact hours).  Fees: $285 to $325  

Topic: Sand Tray Group Counseling in Schools & Clinics: An Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) Perspective​

The focus of this workshop is the use of sand tray play therapy as a counseling technique with groups in schools or clinics. This workshop includes case vignettes, organizational principles for groups, use of individual sand tray counseling versus group sand tray play, application of sand tray counseling techniques and practical information. Interpersonal Neurobiolgy (IPNB) principles will be woven into the theoretical understanding of group sand tray. 

Presenter:  Theresa Kestly, PhD.  Prerequisites: Levels 1 & 2 (12 contact hours).  Fees: $285 to $325

Topic: Sand, Play, and Art: Mandalas & Sacred Circles - Healing Anxiety, Grief, and Trauma in Play Therapy, Cross-Cultural Considerations

Mandalas restore our sense of belonging, helping us to return from our sense of separateness to a realm of unity where we may fulfill our potential for wholeness. Integrating Jungian and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) concepts in this 3-day workshop, we will explore how wholeness and inner balance help to heal anxiety, grief and trauma in both children and adults in play therapy settings. Mandalas and sacred circles exist across all cultures and throughout the lifespan. Neuroscientist Iain McGilchrist suggests that the right hemisphere engages in processing “in the round” as it takes in the whole of things rather than looking at bits and pieces of information in a linear fashion that is so characteristic of the left hemisphere. He emphasizes that we need both sides but that we are in danger in Western societies of ignoring the right hemisphere processing where relationships, empathy, and visions of wholeness prevail. In this workshop we will honor both sides as we explore in practical ways how to tap into this natural longing for unity and wholeness through mandala creation, sand tray play, and conscious attention to sacred circles within a science-informed and cross-cultural context.

Presenter:  Theresa Kestly, PhD.  Prerequisites: None (18 contact hours).  Fees: $430 to $490

Topic: Sandtray Group Consultation for Therapists

Participants will present case material related to sand tray play therapy for consultation purposes.  Presentations will consist of videotapes, art work, sand tray photos, treatment plans, case notes and other relevant materials. Therapists also have opportunities to incorporate sand tray play as part of the consultation process.  Groups are small to allow for individual attention.  Limit: 8 participants.
Request individual brochure for schedule and cost.  Fees vary according to the number of contact hours and the number of participants who register.  Prerequisites:  Levels 1 and 2 of Sand Tray Training Workshops and Individual Interview.


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